Which Outdoor Fireplace Style is Right For You?

Which Outdoor Fireplace Style is Right For You?

Outdoor fireplaces are not all created equal. They come in different styles-textures changing the aesthetic and feel of your backyard space. This video will give you some know-how on options when planning your outdoor space.

Gas or Wood Burning – The Choice is all Yours

Some like the real McCoy of a wood burning fireplace equating gas fireplaces to fake plants/fruit. Wood is a cheaper fuel source than gas—and is often free if you have access to it on your property. In spite of the fact that wood burning is more combustion efficient than heat transfer efficient, the nostalgic wood-smoke smells – the sizzle & crackle – may win this debate. Wood fires are more labor intensive but some like the gathering and stoking of it all.

Want the ease of flipping a switch in your hectic-paced life? Many are choosing gas burning fireplaces because of ease and it’s clean burning for the environment. Also, gas fireplaces burn so cleanly, there is no need to have a chimney. This aesthetic works well in recent upswings in contemporary landscape design trends.

Designers will help plan & design the fit and style you are looking for if you are uncertain. Need assistance? Paradise Restored is available for Complimentary Consultations http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/
For decades, fireplaces are the focal point feature in outdoor rooms and backyard spaces.

Four fireplace examples to consider:

1) 36-42 inch Gas Insert – flip switch to start
2) Wood Burning Insert – w/gas log lighter
3) Custom Wood Burning – No Insert – Wood Storage Boxes – Some have gas log lighters
4) Rectangular Unit – Lanai Gas Fireplace Unit

Good Investment – Endless Memories

Fireplaces are always an absolute favorite. Outdoor firepits, fireplace walls, and modern gas fireplaces are everyone’s go-to spots in a landscape taking center stage. The ambiance, romance, aesthetic appeal, heat-a-cold-body factor, Smores’ are an outdoor food-group, and best-ever-spot-to-tell-spooky-stories . . . make fireplaces forever people magnets.No wonder why we can’t stop loving ‘Em?
Bonus: Outdoor Fireplaces boost the value of your home significantly making them a good investment. According to a study supported by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace adds 12 percent to the selling price of a home.


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