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    Vibration is your wine’s adversary. It keeps the wine agitated which prevents the wine’s sediment from settling. The constant movement of the molecules inside the bottle might also create a chemical reaction that can speed up the aging process.

    Sparkling wine and Champagne – you don’t normally think of these as table wine. But you’ll find sparkling wine an ideal pairing with this type of meal because of its higher acidity and lower alcohol. And of course, there’s nothing to beat bubbly for a sense of celebration!

    All of this will be important when choosing your fine wines. You can also employ the expertise of someone called a sommelier, which is a person who purchases high-end wines for restaurants and clubs. Having a sommelier at your beck and call can be handy after you have begun investing as well.

    There are literally hundreds of different wines to choose from. There are các dòng rượu vang Pháp nổi tiếng , white wines and rose. There are different brands, years, prices and it can definitely be quite confusing. The most important step really, above all else, is to decide where you actually want to get your wine from.

    The secret behind the name Smoking Parrot is nothing but a small quiz. This famous Loire wine made out of Sauvignon Blanc grapes puns a famous wine area. The area is Pouilly Fume. Polly (as Pouilly is pronounced) is another name for a parrot and fume is nothing but smoke. Got it? The intention behind such a funny name is to indicate that this wine could be a substitute for more expensive Pouilly Fume.

    Never place your wine rack on top of the refrigerator because this appliance generates heat. Heat is one of the enemies of wine because it accelerates wine aging. On this note try to keep your rack from other heat sources such as stoves, the TV, and other appliance.

    Acidity. This is the tartaric acid content of the wine. Its easy to sense it, high acidity makes your mouth water. Low acidity makes the wine soft but might make it taste flabby if it is too low. Some 2003 wines have low acidity. It’s also called the ‘spine’ of the wine and it’s amount determines longevity.Texture. This forms part of the ‘body’. How do
    nho nổi tiếng Cabernet Sauvignon perceive the wine. Soft? Rough? Coarse?