• "I’m satisfied with the result," Sabri Ramouchi said after the match. The players are also satisfied with their attitude and performance. "It was the last game of this tournament, and you fought well." "I got a lot of opportunities in the first half. He could have scored one or two more goals.
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  • "If you don’t fit in, I’ll show you."

    On this day, Kim Ha-sung also expressed confidence, saying, "If I can win a full-time second baseman in San Diego, I think I can hit a double-digit home run." "I saw Tatis’ bat flip, too. 넥스트벳 "To be honest, he was cool," he said. He also expressed his competitive spirit from the KBO.

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  • In fact, Bonds had 61.8 percent of the vote. It has been rising slightly every year, starting at around 50 percent, but it is completely blocked by about 40 percent of voters who say they will never give votes. Very few people changed their minds after not giving Bonds a vote. There were one in 2018, four in 2019, and three in 2020, but only two…[Read more]

  • The media said Toronto has an average starting rotation, but saw a high possibility of collapsing in the season. "Will Toronto start the mid-season? "What happens if Ryu gets hurt?" he said. "If there is a vacancy in the starting lineup, it will be a question mark."

    "Blytreatment Port" said switch heater Marwin Gonzales, who can run third and…[Read more]

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