• Borre Benjamin posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’m going to use this blog to write this up, since my outdated one is kinda defunct, and Facebook seems like a dumb place to post it. My makeup blog people, I received you. I will be again on here soon, posting and all that. I’ve simply been working on some stuff, reorganizing, blah blah blah. I’ll be back. I had originally planned to fire this site back up initially of the year, but we got all that snow, and my child ended up having faculty cancelled as a rule, so loads of issues are behind schedule because of that.


    My foremost gig for the past 11 or 12 years has been It started out as one thing I did for enjoyable, and finally individuals decided they needed to take a look at it, and then it snowballed and turned into what it’s now. It was one thing I did because I preferred it, and it was one thing I continued to do as a result of I continued to prefer it.

    Anyway, what I am getting at is that I am not going to be making anymore.

    I’ve made 4000 comics on my site. There are a ton of mainstream comics which are method higher and extra well-liked and more lucrative that stopped way before 12 years and 4000 comics. I do not really feel dangerous about stopping now. I really feel like I’m achieved. I began because I liked it, and I’m stopping as a result of I don’t prefer it as much. I am 12 years older than I was when i started, and my life is unrecognizable from what it was like after i started. I’ve a variety of different issues I work on now, and it obtained to a degree the place it felt regressive to must stop what I’m doing to make comics from the angle of a 22 12 months old.

    I stopped again at the start of December. I needed to duck out the back door and not make a factor out of it, however I have been getting bombarded with emails from people who suppose that my comedian hasn’t been updating as a result of I by some means forgot the right way to run my web site and am too dumb to determine how to submit right. After 4000 updates.

    When I was somewhat child, I went to some Easter egg hunt. When everybody bought there, the organizers defined that there have been all kinds of egg with sweet in them, but there was one big egg with a twenty greenback invoice in it. I walked across the building, on the lookout for eggs, and looked behind a folding table propped in opposition to the wall, and there was the large egg with the $20. I simply left it there, because I did not want the attention of being the kid who discovered the egg. I might reasonably not have the egg than have everybody looking at me. Lots of people saw me find it and depart it, and hassled me about it, but I simply didn’t need the attention. Anyway, the reason for the anecdote is to sort of give a window into how my persona is… I’m positive I could have made bulletins beforehand about the site stopping, and even mentioned something about it when it occurred two months in the past, but I just didn’t need to make a big deal out of it. I didn’t begin making my comics anticipating a ton of attention, and that i didn’t want it to be a giant factor after i stopped.

    So, that’s that! I admire everybody who has looked at my site over time, or shared comics with their buddies, or commissioned art or purchased shirts. It is extremely uncommon to have a possibility to make a dwelling off a artistic venture, let alone a inventive undertaking with no editors or oversight. I really do appreciate being given the chance, and that i wanted to honor that alternative by not putting it on life support forever for the sake of squeezing every drop of life out of it. The archives are going to stay online, I suppose till I am dead and GoDaddy pulls the plug as a result of my corpse didn’t pay for hosting.

    I’m still going to be round, working on my other tasks. I make stuff, that is my fundamental bag. I’m simply going to be making totally different stuff. Highlighting Guidelines Glow is going to be back on a regular schedule in the next month or so, and I am going to be engaged on my polish enterprise, Super Black Lacquers.

    As a closing gesture, I’ve chopped up the entire archive of photographs and text from and created If you’re feeling such as you want extra comics than I’ve already made, go to the Natalie Dee Machine, and it will generate a brand new random comedian for you. If you don’t prefer it, hit the button and it’ll make you a new one. Hit the button 1000 instances, and get another 3 or 4 years price of comics. Hit the button 1,000,000 instances, and possibly it’s going to write Shakespeare or something.

    Thanks once more, y’all! I’ll see you round!