🌸🍒AliExpress Haul🌸🍒 So Kawaii Come See! Craft Supplies & add ins!

🌸🍒AliExpress Haul🌸🍒 So Kawaii Come See! Craft Supplies & add ins!

🎀💖Hope you guys enjoy this super kawaii crafty AliExpress Haul! Not gonna lie I’ve been sitting on some of these goodies for a couple months but couldn’t wait any longer to get into them lol. Don’t forget I have a TON more AliExpress hauls on the way! I’m also going to start posting my Sanrio hauls again & guys I got a ton of stuff to show you! I’ve also been thinking aa lol about going live (especially with the unfair “comment situation” that’s been going on… ) Anyway guys I hope you like this haul, I will ad links from my phone after the video uploads so sometimes it takes a few minutes. if your early pls refresh the page, if your not early & you don’t see links pls comment below as sometimes YouTube doesn’t save my description editsin which case I will repost the links : ) Pls Remember to Stay Home, Stay Safe & have a Magical Day, Miss Eddie Blue AliExpress Haul💖🎀

🍒🌸Links for May 4th Ali Haul🌸🍒
Some links are affiliate coupon links, if you download Aliexpress thru my link or use my link to purchase we both receive Aliexpress coupons. This in turn enables me to bring you more cute goodies more often! ☺️🎀💜🍭

Translucent chunky & fine mixed glitters ✨ Let’s shop together on AliExpress with new user coupons
Your C$ 1.26 in coupons are here!

Matte with gold glitters ✨Your C$ 1.26 in coupons are here!

Clay Moon Sprinkles 🌙 C$ 5.37 20% Off | 100g/lot Yellow Star Moon Slices Polymer Clay Star Soft Pottery for Toys Decoration DIY Crafts Filler Accessories

Large Clay Hearts 💙 C$ 5.57 20% Off | 100g/lot 8mm Heart-Shaped Polymer Clay Sharp-bottomed Heart Slices Sprinkles for Arts Decoration Diy Crafts Filler Accessories

Chickies in eggs – 🐣 C$ 6.38 23% Off | 100g/lot Slimes Supplies Addition Cute Polymer Clay Chick Sprinkles Crafts DIY Kit Filler for Fluffy Clear Nail Art Decoration

C$ 3.18 | heart Christmas reindeer Rice ball seal owl Polymer Clay Slice Colorful Sprinkles for Slimes Filling Acrylic Epoxy Resin Filler


🎀KAWAII FACE MASK 😷 CHARMS🎀 C$ 2.96 23% Off | 10pcs Simualtion Charms Flat back Resin Cabochon Kawaii Cartoon Scrapbooking Craft DIY Phone Case Decoration Hair Accessories

Bunny egg cabochons/charms-C$ 3.31 23% Off | 10Pcs Cartoon Animals Flat back Resin Cabochon Bear Rabbit Panda Flatback Cabochons for Kids Hair Bows Scrapbooking Phone Decor

Cookie Monster & Cookie 🍪 fimos- C$ 3.94 23% Off | 50g Polymer Hot Clay Cute Cartoon Slice Sprinkles for Phone Decor DIY Crafts Nail Art Decoration Slime Material Accessories

Pink Moons- C$ 2.54 | 20g/Lot Polymer Hot Clay Sprinkles Macaroon Moon Shape for Crafts Making , DIY Confetti Scrapbook

Foam beads/balls (no hole) C$ 1.79 30% Off | 13g Snow Mud Particles Mini Color Foam Slime DIY Accessories Rainbow Tiny Foam Beads Balls Supplies

Mickey Mouse -C$ 6.10 | 65g Mouse head shape polymer Clay Slices Colorful Clay Sprinkle for Phone Decoration,Scrapbook DIY, Slimes Filling,Embellish

Sugared gummy bear charm -C$ 3.60 23% Off | 20Pcs Simulation Bear Candy Flat back Resin Cabochon Kawaii Fake Food Hair Bow Center DIY Scrapbooking Embellishment Decor Craft

Round clay sprinkles -C$ 3.37 29% Off | 50g/lot Charms Addition Sprinkles Filler for Crafts Fluffy Mud Toys Slimes Supplies Accessories Clay DIY Beads Cake Dessert Kit

Long Sprinkles -C$ 7.07 21% Off | October Sprinkle!! 100g/lot Most Hot Selling Long Size Colorful Clay Sprinkle for Crafts Making, Phone Deco, DIY (about 5-6mm)

Teddy Bear cabochons/charms- C$ 1.28 8% Off | Resin Kawaii Birthday Cake, Cute Game Player, Horse Flat Back Cabochons for Hair Bow Center,Scrapbooking, DIY

SHORT sprinkles- C$ 5.51 23% Off | 100g Mixed Polymer Clay Sprinkles for Crafts Fake Candy Dessert Toys Fluffy DIY Tiny Cute Klei Accessories Nail Art Decoration